2024 Lantern Festival Family Party

2024 元宵亲子派对

Lantern Festival or Yuanxiao Festival (元宵节) marks the end of the Chinese New Year. This year it will be celebrated on Saturday, 24 February2024 . It is most loved by children. Let’s experience the cultural charm of traditional Chinese festivals with our children! Join us for the this love-filled and fun-packed Lantern Festival Family Party! 🎉

🎆 Exciting Event Highlights:

🏮Shadow Puppet Show
🎏 Lantern riddles
🏮Lantern Festival Song and Dance
🎏Red Envelope Prize Wall
🏮Lantern Festival Game
🎏 DIY Sugar-Coated Haws DIY
DIY 糖葫芦
🏮3D Sugar Painting
🎏Try on Han Costume & Professional Photography (Worth £50)
汉服试穿&专业摄影 (价值£50)
🏮Lion Dance Game
🎏Pitch Pot Game

🧧 Suitable for children aged 3-10
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Free for one adult (parent of one child)
👚Dress up in traditional Chinese clothes or something red/colourful
🗓 Date: Saturday 24 February, 2024
🕰 Time: 5-6:30pm
📍Address: William Tyndale School, Upper Street, London N1 2GG

About us

Founded in 2006, LCA is the leading brand of children’s Chinese education in London, focusing on providing professional Chinese language education for 1-14-year-olds, it is a trusted choice for students and parents. We offer our students’ a choice of multi locations in Kensington Olympia, Wandsworth/Wimbledon, Kingston upon Thames, Islington, Greenwich, and online via zoom,  with weekly classes during term time and holiday camp during school holiday time! In addition, we are the leading specialist provider of Mandarin teachers to London’s prestigious nurseries and schools.

LCA 创立于2006年,是伦敦领先的儿童中文教育品牌,专注于为1-14岁的孩子提供专业而系统的中文教育,中文母语班,非母语班分班教学,是伦敦儿童中文教育信赖首选!LCA根据海外儿童的语言学习习惯,研发出了一整套专业的教学体系和教学方法,致力于帮助孩子更快更有效地学习中文, 带领孩子获得熟练掌握中文的喜悦与成就!

Explore Our Course Ranges

Termtime Weekly Graded Courses

LCA Baby Stars Mandarin®1-2 yrs
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LCA Little Stars Mandarin®2.5-4 yrs

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LCA Bilingual Stars Mandarin®4-6 yrs

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LCA Rising Stars Mandarin® 6-9 yrs

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LCA Shooting Stars Mandarin®
10-14 yrs

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LCA Native Stars Mandarin®
4-14 yrs  (For Mandarin Speakers)

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Mandarin Immersion Holiday Camp

Look no further if you want your child to improve Mandarin quickly in a safe and fun environment! The objective of this Immersion programme is for students to improve their Mandarin through fun activities. As well as structured Mandarin classes, campers will be fully immersed in Mandarin and develop their Mandarin through weekly themed indoor and outdoor activities such as Art, Science, Calligraphy, Drama and Sports. All classes are led by specialist qualified teachers.


Weekly Cultural Immersion Classes

We all know once a week is not enough for learning a language, and we have been always looking for ways children can immensely learn and experience interesting cultures. We believe learning language + culture together can have the effect of 1+1>2!

On the basis of the original Saturday Chinese graded course, we are now offering cultural immersion classes! We extended and innovated from different fun learning such as Games, Songs and Dances, Rhymes and Poems, Arts and Crafts etc., turning Chinese into a way of life!

Classes for Schools & Nurseries


LCA is London’s leading provider of Mandarin Chinese classes, teachers to London’s nurseries, primary and secondary schools. We offer morning/lunch or afternoon clubs and Mandarin classes taught as part of the curriculum.

The LCA Programme has been taught by professional team at the following prestige schools:
  • Bute House Preparatory Schools for Girls
  • Blackheath Prep Preparatory School
  • Heathfield House School
  • Hugh Myddelton Primary School
  • Norland Place School
  • Our Lady’s Preparatory school
  • Queens College Preparatory School
  • Rosemead Preparatory School
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral School
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Philip’s School
  • The Alleyn’s School
  • Walnut Tree Walk Primary School
  • Vicente Cañada Blanch Spanish School
  • Highbury Roundhouse
  • William Tyndale School
  • Sussex House school

Online Lessons

Our online lessons have become a popular learning option as parents love the convenience and low cost. You can log on to your child’s lessons at where at the world and follow our structured curriculum.

The LCA Difference

1Passion for Excellence

It is our passion to provide the highest quality Mandarin education for each child, in each lesson. We’re never content to sit back and ‘rest on our laurels’. We exist to ‘push the boundaries’ and have changed the ‘landscape’ of Mandarin education solutions in the UK. More than 80% of our students come through personal recommendations – a clear indication to us that we are continuing to meet and exceed our parents’ expectations!


LCA curriculum was researched and developed by our professional team through years of researching, teaching, and observing on what they like doing at different stages cognitively, emotionally and physically. Our teachers are professional native Mandarin teachers who have experience with young children and hold Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language qualifications. They have average five years teaching experiences with friendly, dynamic personalities. It’s no wonder that over 90% of LCA parents feel that their child always have great enthusiasm for learning Mandarin.


Our LCA curriculum provides a systematic way for 1 to 14 year old learners to learn Mandarin. Over 90% of our learners’ parents feel their child has magnificent improvement in their Mandarin learning.

Students Review our School as

Great Teachers
Fun and Engaging Classes
Innovative Teaching Methods
Dynamic Atmosphere


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