Holiday Immersion Mandarin Camp


Look no further if you want your child to improve Mandarin quickly in a safe and fun environment!  The focus of this programme is for students to improve their Mandarin through fun activities. As well as structured Mandarin classes, campers will be fully immersed in Mandarin and develop their Mandarin through indoor and outdoor activities such as Art, Science and Sports. All classes are led by inspiring experienced teachers.

Summer Camp 2022

Week 1: Mon 25 Jul to Fri 29 Jul – Chinese Games in the 80’s  – 80后怀旧游戏
The nostalgic camp of the 80’s Chinese children’s games! 玩爸爸妈妈小时候的游戏!80后怀旧大本营!

Week 2: Mon 1 Aug to Fri 5 Aug – Kids Public Speaking – 口才王国
Train your child to become a confident public speaker! -锻炼孩子成为敢说、会说、能说的交际小达人!

Week 3: Mon 8 Aug to Fri 12 Aug  – Picturesque Poetry – 诗词如画
The selected classic children’s poetry interpreted in the form of Chinese painting 国画形式演绎古诗,精选儿童必背古诗

Week 4: Mon 15 Aug to Fri 19 Aug – Little Magicians 魔法表演
Learn magic and performance, experience the fun of magic show – 既学魔术,又学表演, 让孩子感受魔术秀的乐趣

Week 5: Mon 22 Aug to Fri 26 Aug – Chinese Choir 中文合唱团
Let’s learn Mandarin through beautiful Mandarin songs! 用天籁的声音合出天使的歌曲

Week 6: Tue 30 Aug to Wed 31 Aug – Little Actors – 小小演员
Learn Mandarin through an immersive theatrical experience – 通过沉浸式的戏剧体验学习地道中文

Two extra weeks in Kensington Olympia and Kingston!

Mon 11 July – Fri 15 July – Chinese Character Wisdom – 字有道理
Chinese Character Wisdom, Unlocking Chinese Characters Learning – 汉字智慧,解锁汉字学习新姿势

Mon 18 July – Fri 22 July – Learn China via Arts –  大美中国
Explore beautiful China through arts and learn Chinese traditional culture – 通过艺术让孩子探索美丽中国,学习中国的传统文化

One extra weeks in Islington!

Mon 18 July – Fri 22 July – Learn China via Arts –  大美中国
Explore beautiful China through arts and learn Chinese traditional culture – 通过艺术让孩子探索美丽中国,学习中国的传统文化


Kensington Olympia: St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Masbro Road, London W14 0LT

Islington: William Tyndale School, Upper Street, London N1 2GG

Kingston: St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, The Fairfield, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2UP

Greenwich: James Wolfe Primary School, Randall Place, Greenwich SE10 9LA

Clapham: St Michael’s Wandsworth Common, Cobham Close, London SW11 6SP


2-10 years, beginner to native speaker, groups divided by age and level

Camp Schedule

Time: 9:30-15:30  |Fee: £55/day for full week booking, £35/day for half day (9:30-12:30 or 12:30-3:30), or £60/day for single day booking, early drop off & late pick up time varies at different venues, please check before booking.

Key Benefits

Who delivers the course?

All courses are led by a specialist experienced teacher and supported by a Teaching Assistant. The quality of our teachers is paramount to the success of our courses so we recruit the best teachers. Check our Teachers Profile Page.

What do previous campers say about the courses?

Our track record:

  • 100% of survey respondents said they were interested in future courses and would recommend them to other parents.
  • 100% of survey respondents felt their child’s Mandarin level is significantly increased.
  • 93% of survey respondents scored the course full marks for their child’s enjoyment.

My son loves going to Link Chinese! He is currently doing the summer immersion program and he is so excited to go each day. The teachers are great & really help the children to learn in a fun and engaging way.

– Mother of Valentino, 6 years

Information & FAQ

Q: In-short what actually happens in the camps?
A: The main objective is to improve the children’s Mandarin level through structured lessons and fun, exciting themed activities. It is not like our weekly Mandarin courses, which are divided by levels. In the camp, IMMERSION is the key, the children are immersed in Mandarin, children with different levels benefit their part, and it’s proven to be extremely effective. Within a week, children demonstrate significant improvement on their listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Q: Does my child need to have a foundation in Mandarin?
A. Because the camp is conducted in Mandarin, it is best for children to have some knowledge of Mandarin. But don’t worry if your child is new to Mandarin! Our bilingual instructors will provide caring assistance to prevent children from being timid and frustrated, they will guide and encourage instead of direct translation, so that children of different Mandarin levels can fully participate in the camp.

Q: When do you run your Camps?
A: Every school Holidays  – there are 6 Holiday Camp Seasons:

  1. February Half Term Holiday Camp
  2. April Easter Holiday Camp
  3. May-June Half Term Holiday Camp 
  4. July-August Summer Holiday Camp
  5. October Half Term Camp
  6. December Christmas Camp

Q:  Do I have to book a whole week or can I book single days?
A: The Camp is designed to be a week long programme – but yes you can book single days, which is £60/day for full day programme and £35/day for half day programme. The website charges the whole week but please email us the days you want to attend after booking and we will refund you the days.

Q: Do you have multi-week/person discount?
A: Yes the following discount is available for multi-week/person booking, the discount will be refunded to your account once we receive your booking online.

£10 off (£5/child) when you book 2 weeks/children
£20 off (£6.66/child) when you book 3 weeks/children
£30 off (£7.50/child) when you book 4 weeks/children
£40 off (£10/child) when you book 5 weeks/children

Q: What is the Child to Teacher Classroom Ratio?
A: We always operate on a 1- 8 Teacher to Child ratio. There is always 2 Teachers a class at all times.  We have one teacher and an assistant in a class.

Q: What is the class size?
Maximum 15.

Q: Do the children go outside at all? 
A: Yes – we try to be outside as much as possible, with carefully designed language activities.

Q: What Safety Standards do you have in place?
A: Ensuring every Child’s safety and security is our top priority. All our staff have passed an enhanced police check by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). We risk-assess every activity, and fully train the instructors who deliver the sessions.

Q: Do you provide food or refreshments?
A: No, children need to bring their packed nut-free lunch, snack and water.

Q:  Do you do a free trial sessions?
A: No. this is a common concern from parents but from our experience you have nothing to worry about. we always have an assistant who is there to look after the younger children and most children come back to our camps year after year.

Q: Do you accept International / Overseas Pupils?
A: Yes – we are happy to accept overseas pupils.

Q: Where are your Terms and Conditions?
A: Here