Founder’s Welcome

Nihao, I am Julia Yang, Founder of Link Chinese Academy (LCA), London’s premier Immersion Chinese School, existing since 2003.

In 2003, armed with nothing but an obsession for teaching Chinese language, I started teaching two students at a local community centre, which later became very popular and ultimately led to the start of LCA Journey.

Now, with over 400 students  every week, we have become the ‘London’s most  trusted Chinese education brand’.

I now look back and couldn’t be more satisfied with my achievements as a budding female entrepreneur but the hunger for further success motivates me every single day. I am now a proud Mother of two children: Jay (11 years) and Bella (8 years), who are enthusiastic students of LCA, who inspire me every day and  help me in developing our future courses, making LCA a family run business for families.

Our current strategy has put the children (1 -14 years) at the heart of our business. we are extremely proud of  our “Original  LCA Content”; age specific  curriculum to nurture not just the language skills but very closely aligned with child’s cross-cultural communication skills. We recruit and train the best teachers so you can be certain that your child is receiving the highest quality teaching and care whichever campuses they attend.

I would like to see LCA reach further areas around and outside London and we aspire to be ‘ UK’s most trusted brand for children’s Chinese education’, something which will be achievable with your continuous support.

Mrs Julia Yang 杨竹
Founder & Principal




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