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LCA Baby Stars Mandarin (1-2 yrs) LCA宝贝亲子班

LCA Baby & Toddler Mandarin is designed for infants, from as young as one year. Parents or caretakers participate in the course with their child.

LCA Little Stars Mandarin (2.5-4 yrs) LCA小星星启蒙班

Interacting in Mandarin, our LCA Little Stars kids are led through different fun workshops such as Songs, rhymes, dances, sensorial activities, puppets…which are especially adapted to the language development of this age group.

LCA Rising Stars Mandarin (4-6 yrs) LCA新星基础班

LCA Rising Stars course centers upon familiarising young students with Mandarin through a combination of songs, lessons and games to help build both confidence and interest in learning the new language.

LCA Future Stars Mandarin (7 to 10 yrs) LCA未来之星班

LCA Future Stars course focuses on providing our students with regular exposure to Mandarin at this critical age, with special emphasis on pronunciation, reading & writing. Our program uses specially designed, customised materials to cover the fundamentals and instill in children the confidence and ability to speak Mandarin naturally.

LCA Shooting Stars Mandarin (11-14 yrs) LCA闪耀明星班

LCA Fly High students receive Mandarin training tailored to their capabilities, as well as periodic tests and a presentation given during the course. Through our customized curriculum and materials, students cover speaking, reading, writing and listening and target Mandarin GCSE.

LCA Bilingual Stars Mandarin (1-14 years) LCA华人双语之星班

Chinese Immersion Camp 沉浸式中文营




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