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Primary Resources

LCA Bilingual Stars Mandarin is an engaging six-part introduction to Mandarin Chinese, designed for ages 4-8 with some basic spoken Mandarin skills and start to learn reading and writing. Based on the concept of ‘learn through play’, children will quickly grasp listening, speaking, reading and basic writing through interactive classroom games and fun family reading and homework. At the end of the course, the child will be able to convert basic conversation and master 108 basic Chinese characters and lay a good foundation for next level -‘Primary Chinese’

Secondary Resources

We offer a complete range of resources which take complete beginners to success at GCSE level. Secondary School Chinese for Beginners is the first book in the series, which focuses on a solid foundation in tones, pinyin, and familiarity with core everyday language. Our unique pinyin glossing system eases students into reading Chinese without allowing them to rely on the pinyin prompt. AQA GCSE Chinese Textbooks 1 and 2 follow on from Secondary School Chinese for Beginners. Designed for the new specification, this course covers GCSE Themes such as Identity and Culture, while giving a thorough and comprehensive approach to grammar, study skills, and vocabulary