Post-exam enrichment

Engaging and interactive linguistic and cultural enrichment: great fun for pupils after exams.

Our primary and secondary school enrichment courses are easily adaptable and scalable, making them great for post-exam enrichment in schools – such as after SATs, 11+ or summer exams.

Many schools have worked with LCA in the delivery of summer activity weeks. The programme ‘My Week in China’ involves students participating one lesson period each day, spending half the lesson in small groups receiving live online teaching, and the other half engaging in our bespoke fun, interactive exercises. Lessons take place at the same agreed time with the same teacher/s each day and give pupils valuable access to Chinese language and culture.

How does ‘My Week In China’ work?

‘My Week In China’ splits whole classes into two groups. One groups participate in live online teaching from two professional teachers, while the other two groups engage with our bespoke e-learning platform. Halfway through the lesson, the groups switch.

In the live class, students are taught in a virtual classroom with lessons that feature interactive whiteboards and quizzes. On the e-learning platform, students navigate through a series of interactive activities, ranging from simple matching games to reading/listening exercises, introducing grammar, vocabulary and culture. The games use algorithms to ensure that words the student finds difficult reappear more frequently. The platform measures each student’s progress, rewarding individuals with virtual badges to reflect their effort and achievement.

We can run the programme with any class size. The only requirements are:

  • Broadband connection
  • 1 x PC/Mac/Tablet per student
  • 1 x headphone with mic per student
  • 1 member of school staff to supervise the class

All of the classes and interactive exercises are hosted on our own bespoke platform, which includes a secure shared view for the teacher-led lesson. We also work with Zoom, Teams and GoogleMeet.

If your school is based in London, we can deliver face to face lessons using the same ‘ My Week in China’ content.

Safeguarding & Child Protection

We provide only the best foreign language teachers to our schools. Our teachers are a mixture of native and non-native teachers and, given the online nature of the delivery, are physically located all over the world! The majority are currently teaching or have taught their chosen language in schools, and appreciate our focus on quality, engagement and reporting. They possess rich first-hand experience teaching online and undergo rigorous background checks to ensure safeguarding and professional delivery.

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