LCA Little Bilingual Stars Mandarin® Class in Greenwich


7 Sessions
£19.00 per session

  • LCA Little Bilingual Stars Mandarin® is another children’s favorite courses developed by LCA. It’s specially designed for young overseas Chinese children. Based on the concept of ‘learn through play’, children will quickly grasp the Chinese characters through interactive classroom games and fun family reading and homework. At the end of the course, the child will be able to master 288 basic Chinese characters and lay a good foundation for the advanced version of the ‘Chinese Primary School Language’ course.
  • Continued Home Learning: Weekly learning guide with homework. videos, flashcards sent after each class for home practice.
  • 8-12 students, fun, engaging and effective
  • Address: James Wolfe Primary School, Randall Place, Greenwich SE10 9LA
  • Car Park: free onsite
  • Satisfaction Guarantee Policy: If you find out that after your first session that the class is not for your child, we will give you a full refund, including the first lesson you’ve attended.

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LCA华人幼接小中文 ® (LCA Little Bilingual Stars Mandarin®) 是LCA 原创开发的一套适合海外华裔小朋友的课程。课程依照‘玩中学’的理念,让通过孩子互动的课堂游戏和有趣的家庭阅读、作业,快速掌握汉字认读,养成良好的中文学习习惯。课程结束后,孩子能掌握288个基础汉字,为进阶原版‘中国小学语文’课程打下良好的基础。

Course will happen on the following dates

  1. Sep 7th 2019
  2. Sep 14th 2019
  3. Sep 21st 2019
  4. Sep 28th 2019
  5. Oct 5th 2019
  6. Oct 12th 2019
  7. Oct 26th 2019
  8. Nov 2nd 2019
  9. Nov 9th 2019
  10. Nov 16th 2019
  11. Nov 23rd 2019
  12. Nov 30th 2019
  13. Dec 7th 2019


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