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Primary Year 1 Class in Clapham/Balham 中国小学一年级


1 Sessions
£21.00 per session

  • 课程名称:小学语文一年级上下册
  • 招生对象:听说流利,汉字认读100-200个
  • 参考年龄:5-8岁
  • 课程目标 :具有日常口语交际的基本能力,学会表达与交流,学会汉语拼音;掌握汉字的基本笔画和常用的偏旁部首,能按笔顺规则用硬笔写字;认识常用汉字500个左右,其中200个左右会写,能正确工整地书写汉字,并有一定的速度;认识中华文化的丰厚博大,汲取民族文化智慧。
  • 学制:2年
  • 班级人数:6-12
  • 地址: Alderbrook Primary School, Oldridge Road, London, SW12 8PP
  • 停车:免费
  • 保证满意政策:如果您在第一堂课后发现课程不适合您的孩子,我们将全额退款,包括您参加的第一堂课。

2 Places available

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To meet the needs of parents who want their children to receive Chinese curriculum education, we designed and developed this course that were synchronised with Chinese primary schools in China. It is suitable for students with strong listening and speaking skills to further improve their language knowledge and language literacy.

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