What Parents Say 家长评价

The LCA Difference

Passion for Execellence

It is our passion to provide the highest quality Mandarin education for each child, in each lesson.
We’re never content to sit back and ‘rest on our laurels’. We continue to ‘push the boundaries’ and have changed the ‘landscape’ of Mandarin education solutions in the UK.
More than 80% of our students come through personal recommendations – a clear indication to us that we are continuing to meet and exceed our students’ expectations!


LCA curriculum was researched and developed especially for young children. Our teachers are professional native Mandarin teachers who have experience with young children and hold Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language qualifications. They have average five years teaching experiences with friendly, dynamic personalities. It’s no wonder that over 90% of LCA parents feel that their child have great enthusiasm for learning Mandarin.


Our curriculum provides a systematic way for 1 to 12 year old learners to learn Mandarin. Over 90% of our learners’ parents feel their child has experienced improvement in their sense of the language.

Parents Review our School as

Great Teachers
Fun and Engaging Classes
Innovative Teaching Methods
Great Atmosphere

Have had several teachers and have been extremely happy with all of them.  Please continue having such fun, motivational and friendly teachers!

Mother of Donovan, 5 years old

Thank you for making the lessons fun with a variety of ways of remembering mandarin. All the children have been very engaged with your games and the crafts which makes learning the language so much more enjoyable. It’s wonderful!

Mother of William, 4 years old

My son is 3.5 and has been going to link Chinese classes for a term. He is a a very active boy and the teacher has done a wonderful job doing interesting activities and games to keep all the children engaged and learning. I have been very impressed with it and his interest in learning Chinese has definitely increased because of these classes.

Mother of Alexander, 3.5 yrs

My son loves practicing his Chinese characters and sentences throughout the week; Liu Laoshi encourages and motivates him to learn more. I am impressed by his progress over the past two years.  

Mother of Alexander, 8 yrs